Sunday, June 15, 2008

Layouts from last week (oops!) and for this week...

I forgot to post the kids classes layouts for last week. Here they are (these are also for Tuesday's class). I am also sharing the layouts for next week (2 weeks for the Thursday class).

the scans did cut off parts of the layouts, but hopefully you get the idea.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feedback Needed!

I am wanting to schedule another PHOTOSHOP workshop. I have had quite a few people ask when I am going to do it again, but I am still needing to get times and dates figured out. Days or Nights?

The class will be run just like the last workshop from April and May. The cost will also be the same. For pricing, look at the bottom of the blog for details. You can also email me for further questions.


WEEK TWO Kids Class Projects

Week One was a great success! We missed those that had to skip out on the first week, but we are ready to gear up for another fun week of scrapbooking!

The first two layouts were about summer fun and our favorite things. Week Two is all about things that make us HAPPY and fun times when we PLAY!

Please remember that you need to bring your binders with you to class each time along with your baggie with your glue and pen. Feel free to bring photos with you to go on your completed layouts.

Here are the layouts for week two (please excuse the poor scanning, the top of the HAPPY layout got cut off):

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kids Class Projects for the first week!

I am sharing the layouts for the first week of classes. Since this week we begin the Thursday session, these 2 layouts are what to expect for this Thursday and for next week's Tuesday class. Next Thursday will kick off the second week of projects. So come back next Wed. on the blog to see what we will create for week 2!

This layout is for a 4x6 photo. The little white blocks on the side are for journaling. You can either bring a summer type photo with you to put on your page, or wait and add it at home. This kit is for boys or girls.

This layout is all about FAVORITE things. Again, you can bring a 4x6 photo of yourself to class or put one on at home. The white circles are where we are going to write some of your favorite things. We will have boy kits and girl kits. The favorites shown is the girl kit. No worries, we will have both available.

If you signed up for the 4 classes but can't attend all of them, you can still get the kits. Our goal is to help your child create an album full of fun summer memories!

I have to make a schedule change for the Thursday Kids Classes

I just found out that we will be out of town for the Thursday class that is June 19th. To make sure we have a fun filled summer with 4 great classes, I will begin the Thursday classes this Thursday May 29th. I will send out an email as well to hopefully let all of my students know. Also, if you are still interested in signing up, please do! Your kids will love it! I will be posting class pages later today for the first week of classes.

Come and check out my new class at Family Scrapbook Studio!

I am thrilled that I have been offered a chance to start teaching at a scrapbook store again! I will be teaching a class similar to the Microsoft Word class. It will be using a laptop and a projector like the style of class in my home. Because this class is so similar to the class at the store, I will no longer be teaching it at home. This means that the class I had to cancel last month because of my sick child will not be rescheduled. I will however start up the photoshop workshop again in July if I get enough interest. If you are interested, please comment to this post or email me at

Here are the projects I will be teaching in June at the scrapbook store:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here is the final project to look forward to this Friday..

I am excited to share the final project to my students. They have been such great pupils! They ask good questions. They finish their homework. They come on time. They are excited to share their progress. They always make me laugh and smile!

I was struggling to come up with an image to create the project around until I looked out at the gorgeous overcast day outside. I grabbed my camera and my shadow (Elizabeth) followed. I wanted to snap some pictures of my flowers. Elizabeth was insistent on being in the photos. Here is what the final product became.
I LOVE it! I love the quote with the simple photo. Here is the quote to read easier: When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say 'I used everything you gave me.'
-Erma Bombeck

I hope my students know that I gave them everything I had! I know they did the same for me. It is my wish that all of my students realize the hidden talent they have and use it with their new knowledge! See you all Thursday!

Edited to add the project completed as a bookmark. I want all of my students to use this bookmark and remember the potential that lies within all of them!